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Spirit, Gifts of
1 Ne. 10: 17 Holy Ghost is gift of God unto all who diligently seek him.
1 Ne. 13: 37 they who seek to bring forth Zion shall have gift and power of Holy Ghost.
Jacob 6: 8 will ye deny power of God and gift of Holy Ghost and quench Holy Spirit.
Omni 1: 20 (Mosiah 8: 13; Mosiah 21: 28) Mosiah1 interprets engravings by gift and power of God.
Alma 9: 21 Nephites have received spirit of prophecy and of revelation, many gifts, gifts of speaking with tongues, preaching, gift of Holy Ghost, gift of translation.
3 Ne. 29: 6 wo to him who says the Lord no longer works by gifts or by power of Holy Ghost.
Moro. 10: 8 gifts are given by manifestation of Spirit unto men to profit them.
D&C 6: 10 blessed art thou because of thy gift, for it is sacred and comes from above.
D&C 20: 26 prophets spoke as inspired by gift of Holy Ghost.
D&C 20: 35 revelations to come by gift and power of Holy Ghost.
D&C 46: 11-33 description of gifts of the Spirit.
D&C 46: 11 all have not every gift, for there are many gifts.
D&C 46: 11 to every man is given a gift by Spirit.
D&C 46: 26 all these gifts come from God for benefit of his children.
D&C 46: 29 to some it may be given to have all those gifts, that there may be a head.
D&C 107: 92 president of church has all gifts of God which he bestows on head of church.
D&C 121: 26 God shall give you knowledge by unspeakable gift of Holy Ghost.
Moses 5: 58 gospel preached from beginning by gift of Holy Ghost.