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Suffering, Suffer
1 Ne. 18: 17 parents have suffered much grief because of children.
1 Ne. 19: 12 the God of nature suffers.
2 Ne. 9: 21-22 God suffereth pains of every living creature that resurrection might pass upon men.
Jacob 1: 8 all men should suffer Christ’s cross.
Mosiah 3: 7 (Mosiah 15: 5) the Lord shall suffer temptations and pains even more than men can suffer.
Mosiah 18: 1-2 Alma1 teaches Abinadi’s words concerning sufferings and death of Christ.
Alma 7: 13 Son suffereth in flesh that he might take upon him his people’s sins.
Alma 20: 29 brethren of Ammon2 were patient in sufferings.
Alma 21: 9 no redemption for mankind, save through death and sufferings of Christ.
Alma 26: 30 sons of Mosiah2 have suffered all manner of affliction that they might be means of saving one soul.
Alma 31: 38 the Lord has given his servants strength that they should suffer no afflictions.
Hel. 14: 20 on day that Christ suffers death, sun shall be darkened.
3 Ne. 6: 20 many prophets testify of Christ’s death and sufferings.
3 Ne. 28: 26, 38 change wrought in three Nephites that they might not suffer pain or sorrow.
Moro. 9: 25 may Christ’s sufferings and death rest in your mind forever.
D&C 18: 11 the Lord suffered pain of all men that they might repent.
D&C 19: 4, 15, 17 every man must repent or suffer.
D&C 19: 16 (D&C 138: 7) God suffered that men might not suffer.
D&C 19: 17 if men do not repent, they must suffer as God.
D&C 19: 18 suffering caused God to tremble and bleed, and to suffer body and spirit.
D&C 45: 4 Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin.
D&C 76: 30-38 sufferings of those overcome by Satan.
D&C 76: 38 sons of perdition are only ones not redeemed after sufferings the Lord’s wrath.
D&C 101: 35 they who suffer persecution for the Lord’s name shall partake of glory.
D&C 105: 6 saints to learn obedience by the things they suffer.
D&C 109: 76 saints to reap eternal joy for all their sufferings.
D&C 121: 6 remember thy suffering saints.
D&C 123: 1 record of saints’ sufferings to be kept.
Moses 7: 39 God’s chosen suffereth for men’s sins.