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Sad   See also Sorrow
Sail   See also Journey; Ship
SalemEarlier name for Jerusalem in Palestine    See also BD Salem
Salt   See also Example
SamThird son of Lehi1 [c. 600 B.C.]
Same   See also Alike; Equal; Unchangeable
Samuel1Hebrew prophet [c. 1100 B.C.]    See also BD Samuel
Samuel2Lamanite prophet [c. 6 B.C.]
Sarah, SaraiWife of Abraham [c. twentieth century B.C.]    See also BD Sarah
SariahWife of Lehi [c. 600 B.C.]
Say   See also Sayings; Speak
Scarce   See also Few
Scarlet   See also Red
Scent   See also Smell
Scepter   See also Authority; Dominion; Rule
Scoff   See also Mock; Scorn
Scribe   See also Recorder
Scrip   See also Money
Scroll   See also Roll
SeantumNephite belonging to Gadianton band [c. 23 B.C.]
Season   See also Time
Seat   See also Judgment-Seat
Sebus, Waters ofWatering place in land of Ishmael
SechemPlace situated in plains of Moreh
Seduce   See also Captivate; Tempt
SeezoramMember of Gadianton band, elected chief judge [c. 26 B.C.]
SenineNephite coin    See also Coin
Sensual   See also Carnal; Flesh; Lust; Natural
Sent   See Send, Sent
SenumNephite coin    See also Coin
SeonNephite coin    See also Coin
Sepulchre   See also Grave
Seraphim   See also BD Seraphim
Seth1Son of Adam    See also BD Seth
Severed   See also Cut
Shagreel   See Gods; Sun
Shame   See also Ashamed; Guilt; Humble; Reproach
SharedJaredite military leader
Shave, Shaven   See also Shorn
ShazerCampsite in Arabian desert
Shear   See Shorn
Shelem, MountMountain in Old World named by Jaredites
Shem1Son of Noah1    See also BD Shem
Shem2Nephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Shem, City of and Land of2Nephite land north of Antum and Jashon
Shem, Land of1Land at time of Enoch2
Shemlon, Land ofRegion bordering on land of Lehi-Nephi
ShemnonOne of twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
SheremAntichrist [c. fifth century B.C.]
SheumUnidentified crop cultivated by Nephites
Shez1Middle Jaredite king
Shez2Son of Shez1
Shiblom1 [or Shiblon]Late Jaredite king
Shiblom2Nephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Shiblon1Son of Alma2 [c. 74 B.C.]    See also Shiblom1
Shiblon2Nephite coin    See also Coin
ShiblumNephite coin    See also Coin
Shield   See also Armor; Protect
Shiloah, Waters ofPool near Jerusalem1
Shilom, City of and Land ofSmall region next to land of Lehi-Nephi
Shim, HillIn land Antum
ShimnilomCity in land of Nephi
Shinehah   See Sun
ShizJaredite military leader
Shoe   See Latchet; Shod
Shorn   See also Shave
Shout   See also Praise; Rejoice
Shrink   See also Withdraw
ShuleEarly Jaredite king
ShumNephite coin    See also Coin
Sickle   See also Reap
Sidon, RiverMost prominent river in Nephite territory, runs north to sea    See also River
Sight   See also Eye; See
Silk   See also Cloth
Silly   See also Foolish
Silver   See also Metal; Ore
Sinim, Land ofPossibly land of China    See also BD Sinim
Sink   See Sunk
Sinner   See also Sin
Siron, Land ofLand by borders of Lamanites
Sister   See also Family
Skill, Skillful   See also Art; Expert
Slacken   See also Short, Shorten; Weak
Slaughter   See also Battle; Carnage; Kill; Slay; War
Sling   See also Weapon
Slippery   See also Accursed
Smell   See also Scent; Stink
Smith, Emma HaleWife of Joseph Smith    See also Hale, Isaac
Smith, HyrumOlder brother of Joseph Smith
Smith, Joseph F.Sixth president of Church, son of Hyrum Smith
Smith, Samuel H.Brother of Joseph Smith
Smoke   See also Cloud; Mist; Tobacco; Vapor
Snare   See also Ensnare; Guile; Pit; Trap
Sojourn   See also Dwell; Journey
Sold   See Sell
Soldiers   See also Army; War
Solitary   See also Waste
SolomonKing of Israel, son of David [C. 1000 B.C.]    See also BD Solomon
Song   See also Hymn; Sing
Sore   See also Curse; Repent
Soul   See also Body; Heart; Man; Mind; Person; Spirit; TG Soul
Sow [noun]   See also Swine
Sow [verb]   See also Plant; Reap
Space   See also Spacious; Time
Spake   See Speak
Sparingly   See also Spare
Spear   See also Dart; Javelin; Weapon
Spindles   See Liahona
Spokesman   See also Speak
Spot of Land   See also Lot
Spurn   See also Persecution; Scorn
Staff   See also Stave
Stake   See also Church of God; Zion
State   See also Condition
Stave   See also Staff
Steadiness   See also Steadfast; Steady
Steel   See also Metal
Stick   See Ephraim
Still   See also Voice
Stink   See also Smell
Stop   See also Hinder; Restrain; Stay
Store   See also Storehouse
Strait   See also Narrow; Straight; Straiten
Straiten   See also Chasten
Strange   See also Stranger; Unknown
Stranger   See also BD Stranger
Stratagem   See also Decoy
Stream   See also River; Spring
Street   See also Highway; Path; Road; Way
Strike, Struck   See also Beat; Smite
Stronghold   See also Fortify
Struggle   See also Fight; Wrestle
Stumble   See also Err; Stumbling Block
Stumbling Block   See also Stumble
Subdue   See also Conquer; Overcome; Subject
Succor   See also Help; Relief; Strengthen
Suck, Sucking   See also Suckling
Suckling   See also Suck
Suffer— [=allow]    See also Long-suffering; Suffering, Suffer
Supper   See also Sacrament
Supply   See Provision
Sustain   See also Support; Uphold
Sweet   See also Opposition
Swift   See also Quick, Quickly
Swine   See also Sow [noun]
Sword   See also War; Weapon