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Transgression, Transgress
2 Ne. 2: 22 if Adam had not transgressed, he would not have fallen.
2 Ne. 9: 6 fall came by reason of transgression.
2 Ne. 9: 27 wo unto him that has the commandments and transgresseth them.
2 Ne. 9: 39 remember awfulness of transgressing against God.
2 Ne. 9: 46 men will confess they have transgressed law and say, my transgressions are mine.
Enos 1: 10 Lamanites’ transgressions will the Lord bring down upon own heads.
Mosiah 1: 12 (Mosiah 5: 11) new name shall never be blotted out except through transgression.
Mosiah 1: 13 if Nephites fall into transgression, the Lord will deliver them up.
Mosiah 2: 36-37 man who transgresses contrary to what he has been taught is in open rebellion to God.
Mosiah 3: 11 Christ’s blood atones for sins of those who have fallen by transgression of Adam.
Mosiah 4: 14 ye will not suffer your children to transgress God’s laws.
Mosiah 14: 5 (Isa. 53: 5) he was wounded for our transgressions.
Mosiah 14: 8 (Isa. 53: 8) for transgressions of my people was he stricken.
Mosiah 15: 9 (Alma 34: 8) Christ takes upon himself his people’s transgressions.
Mosiah 27: 13 nothing shall overthrow church except transgression of the Lord’s people.
Alma 7: 13 Son suffers that he might blot out his people’s transgressions.
Alma 9: 19 the Lord would rather suffer that Lamanites destroy Nephites if they would fall into transgressions.
Alma 9: 23 far more tolerable for Lamanites if Nephites fall into transgression.
Alma 10: 19 if Nephites fall into transgression, they will be ripe for destruction.
Alma 11: 40 Christ will take upon himself transgressions of those who believe on him.
Alma 12: 31 by transgressing first commandments, men became as Gods, knowing good from evil.
Alma 24: 30 when enlightened people fall into transgression, they become more hardened.
Alma 28: 13 how great inequality of man because of transgression.
Alma 32: 19 how much more cursed is he who knows God’s will and does it not than he who only believes and falls into transgression.
Alma 46: 18 God will not suffer Nephites to be destroyed until they bring it upon themselves by transgressions.
Hel. 4: 26 Nephites become weak because of transgression.
D&C 3: 6 how oft Joseph Smith has transgressed the commandments.
D&C 3: 9 if not aware, thou wilt fall because of transgression.
D&C 20: 20 by transgression man became sensual, devilish, fallen.
D&C 20: 80 member who transgresses shall be dealt with as scriptures direct.
D&C 29: 40 Adam became subject to will of devil because of transgression.
D&C 46: 4 those who have transgressed should not partake of sacrament until reconciliation is made.
D&C 51: 4-5 saints to hold inheritance until they transgress.
D&C 51: 5 he who transgresses is not accounted worthy to belong to church.
D&C 82: 11 elders to be bound by covenant that cannot be broken by transgression.
D&C 88: 25 earth transgresseth not the law.
D&C 101: 2 some members are afflicted in consequence of transgressions.
D&C 104: 9 those cut off by transgression cannot escape Satan.
D&C 104: 52 covenants are broken through transgression.
D&C 105: 2, 9 church might have been redeemed were it not for transgressions of people.
D&C 107: 82 if President of High Priesthood transgresses.
D&C 121: 17 those who cry transgression are servants of sin.
D&C 132: 26 if those sealed by Holy Spirit of promise transgress, they will be delivered to buffetings of Satan.
D&C 138: 32 gospel preached to those who died in transgression.
D&C 138: 59 after paying penalty of transgressions, spirits shall receive reward.
Moses 5: 10 Adam’s eyes are opened because of transgression.
Moses 5: 11 except for transgression, Adam would not have had seed.
Moses 5: 11 Adam and Eve know good and evil through transgression.
Moses 6: 52-53 all men must repent of transgressions and be baptized.
Moses 6: 59 by reason of transgression cometh the fall.
A of F 2 all men will be punished for own sins, not for Adam’s transgression.