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Take, Taken   See also Deprive
Talent   See also Steward; TG Talents
Talk   See also Communication; Speak
Tares   See also BD Tares
Tarry   See also Abide; Remain; Wait
Task   See also Burden; Labor
Taste   See also Bitter; Eat; Partake; Sweet
TeancumGreat Nephite military leader [c. 67 B.C.]
Teancum, City ofBy seashore near city of Desolation
Tears   See also Joy; Sorrow; Weep
Tenth   See Tithing
TeomnerNephite military officer [c. 63 B.C.]
TerahFather of Abraham    See also BD Terah
Theory   See also Doctrine
Thing   See also Good; Naught; Needful; Unclean
Third   See also Three
Thousand   See also Millennium
Thrice   See also Three
Thrust   See also Cast
Tidings   See also Gospel; Message
Till   See also Plant; Plow; Sow [verb]
Timber   See also Wood
TimothyBrother of Nephi3 [c. A.D. 34]
Tittle   See Jot
Tobacco   See also Word of Wisdom
Today   See also Time
Toil   See Spin
Token   See also Emblem; Sign; Type
Told   See Tell, Told
Tomorrow   See also Morrow; Time; Today
Took   See Take, Taken
Top   See also Housetop
Toss   See also Cast
Touch   See also Feel; Hand
Tower   See also Building
Town   See also City; Villages
Traitor   See also Apostasy
Trap   See also Pit; Snare
Travail   See also Labor
Travel   See also Depart; Flight; Journey
Treaty   See also Covenant; Oath; Promise
Tree of Life   See also Eden; Tree; Vision
Tribunal   See also Bar; Judgment-Seat
Tribute   See also Bondage; Tax
Tried   See Try, Tried
Trifle   See also Light-mindedness
Trim   See Lamp
TubalothLamanite king [c. 51 B.C.]
Tumble   See also Fall
Twain   See also Two
Twelve   See also Apostle; Disciple; Israel
Two   See also Twain
Tyrant   See also King; Rule; Ruler; TG Tyranny