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1 Ne. 13: 11 wrath of God is upon seed of Lamanites.
1 Ne. 14: 15-17 wrath of God poured out upon abominable church.
1 Ne. 17: 35 fulness of wrath of God was upon children of land.
1 Ne. 22: 16 fulness of wrath of God to be poured out upon all men.
2 Ne. 1: 17 Lehi1 fears the Lord will come out in fulness of wrath upon sons.
Alma 12: 36 iniquity of Ammonihah provokes God to send down wrath.
Morm. 8: 21 he who breathes out wrath against work of the Lord shall be hewn down.
Ether 2: 9 (Ether 9: 20: 14: 25) those in promised land who do not serve God will be swept off when his wrath comes.
Ether 2: 9 fulness of the Lord’s wrath comes when people are ripened in iniquity.
D&C 1: 9 (D&C 63: 6; D&C 103: 2) wrath of God shall be poured out upon the wicked.
D&C 19: 15 repent lest I strike you by my wrath.
D&C 35: 11 (D&C 88: 94, 105) Babylon has made nations drink of wine of wrath of her fornication.
D&C 43: 26 cup of wrath of the Lord’s indignation is full.
D&C 56: 1 the rebellious shall know God’s indignation in day of wrath.
D&C 59: 21 against none is God’s wrath kindled except those who confess not his hand.
D&C 60: 14 proclaim the Lord’s word not in wrath.
D&C 63: 6 day of wrath coming as whirlwind.
D&C 63: 11 signs given in wrath to condemnation.
D&C 63: 33 the Lord has sworn in his wrath and decreed wars.
D&C 76: 33 sons of perdition are vessels of wrath.
D&C 76: 104 telestial beings suffer wrath of God on earth.
D&C 84: 24 the Lord in his wrath swore that Israelites should not enter his rest.
D&C 87: 6 inhabitants of the earth to feel wrath of Almighty God.
D&C 88: 85 labor that saints’ souls may escape wrath of God.
D&C 88: 88 after elders’ testimony comes wrath.
D&C 98: 22 if saints do what the Lord commands, he will turn away all wrath.
D&C 101: 9 in day of wrath the Lord will remember mercy.
D&C 112: 24 day of wrath comes speedily.
D&C 115: 6 gathering to be refuge from wrath.
Moses 7: 1 those who believed not look with fear for fiery indignation of wrath of God to be poured out upon them.