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Weak, Weakness
1 Ne. 19: 6 Nephi1 excuses himself because of own weakness, not other men’s.
1 Ne. 19: 20 workings in spirit weary Nephi1, that all his joints are weak.
2 Ne. 3: 21 weakness of their words will the Lord make strong in faith.
2 Ne. 24: 10 (Isa. 14: 10) art thou also become weak as we.
2 Ne. 33: 4 words which Nephi1 has written in weakness will be made strong to his people.
Jacob 4: 7 the Lord shows Nephites weakness that they may know power to do these things comes by his grace.
Mosiah 1: 13 (Morm. 2: 26) if Nephites fall into transgression, they will become weak like brethren.
Mosiah 27: 19 Alma2 becomes weak because of great astonishment.
Alma 58: 37 Nephites trust God will deliver them, notwithstanding weakness of armies.
3 Ne. 17: 2 Nephites are weak, that they understand not Jesus’ words.
Ether 12: 25 Nephites behold own weakness in writing.
Ether 12: 27 the Lord gives men weakness that they may be humble.
Ether 12: 28 the Lord will show Gentiles their weakness.
Ether 12: 35 Gentiles must have charity because of Nephites’ weakness.
Ether 12: 37 because thou hast seen thy weakness, thou shalt be made strong.
D&C 1: 19 weak things of world shall break the strong.
D&C 1: 23 the weak to preach gospel to kings.
D&C 1: 24 commandments given to the Lord’s servants in their weakness.
D&C 35: 13 (D&C 133: 59) the weak to thrash nations by power of Spirit.
D&C 35: 17 Joseph Smith blessed in weakness.
D&C 50: 16 the weak to be made strong.
D&C 62: 1 Christ knows weakness of man and how to succor.
D&C 81: 5 succor the weak.
D&C 84: 106 he who is strong in Spirit should take with him the weak.
D&C 86: 6 your faith is weak.
D&C 89: 3 Word of Wisdom adapted to capacity of the weak and weakest.
D&C 124: 1 the Lord to show forth wisdom through weak things of earth.
D&C 133: 58 the Lord sent gospel to prepare the weak for things which are coming.
D&C 135: 5 because thou hast seen thy weakness, thou shalt be made strong.