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2 Ne. 2: 21 days of men were prolonged according to will of God.
2 Ne. 2: 28 choose eternal life according to will of Holy Spirit.
2 Ne. 2: 29 do not choose eternal death according to will of flesh.
2 Ne. 10: 24 reconcile yourselves to will of God, not to will of devil and flesh.
2 Ne. 27: 13 none others shall view plates, save a few, according to will of God.
Jacob 7: 14 not my will be done, if God will smite thee for a sign.
Jacob 7: 14 thy will, O Lord, be done, and not mine.
W of M 1: 7 the Lord works in Mormon2 to do according to his will.
Mosiah 2: 21 God lends you breath, that you may do according to your own will.
Mosiah 3: 11 Christ’s blood atones for sins of those who have died not knowing will of God.
Mosiah 15: 2 Son subjects flesh to will of Father.
Mosiah 15: 7 will of Son is swallowed up in will of Father.
Mosiah 16: 11-12 the evil to receive eternal damnation, having gone according to own carnal wills.
Mosiah 18: 28 men should impart of their substance of own free will.
Mosiah 24: 15 people of Alma1 submit cheerfully to will of the Lord.
Alma 12: 31 because of transgression, men are placed in state to act according to their wills.
Alma 29: 4 the Lord grants unto men according to their wills.
Alma 32: 19 how much more cursed is he who knoweth will of God and doeth it not.
Alma 40: 13 spirits of the wicked are led captive by will of devil.
Alma 42: 7 first parents became subjects to follow after own will.
Hel. 7: 5 robbers obtain government that they might steal and kill and do according to own wills.
Hel. 10: 4 Nephi2 has not sought own life, but the Lord’s will.
Hel. 10: 5 Nephi2 would not ask that which is contrary to the Lord’s will.
3 Ne. 1: 14 Christ comes to do will both of Father and of Son.
3 Ne. 6: 18 people do not sin ignorantly, for they know will of God.
3 Ne. 11: 11 Christ has suffered will of Father in all things.
3 Ne. 13: 10 (Matt. 6: 10) thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
3 Ne. 27: 13 Christ came into world to do will of Father.
3 Ne. 28: 7 three Nephites to live until all things are fulfilled according to will of Father.
Morm. 8: 14-15 God wills that records be brought forth with eye single to his glory.
Ether 3: 4 God has all power and can do whatsoever he wilt for benefit of man.
D&C 3: 4 one who follows his own will must fall.
D&C 19: 2, 24 Christ accomplished will of Father.
D&C 20: 24 Christ ascended to reign according to will of Father.
D&C 29: 40 Adam became subject to will of devil.
D&C 31: 13 these words are of Christ, by will of Father.
D&C 46: 30 he who asks in Spirit asks according to will of God.
D&C 58: 20 let God rule him who judges, according to counsel of his own will.
D&C 58: 27 men should do many things of own free will.
D&C 63: 20 he who does the Lord’s will shall overcome.
D&C 63: 22 the Lord will make known his will not by commandment.
D&C 64: 29 whatever ye do according to the Lord’s will is the Lord’s business.
D&C 68: 4 whatsoever elders speak shall be will of the Lord.
D&C 76: 10 secrets of divine will to be made known.
D&C 88: 1 elders assemble to receive the Lord’s will.
D&C 88: 35 that which willeth to abide in sin cannot be sanctified.
D&C 89: 2 Word of Wisdom shows forth order and will of God.
D&C 124: 5 Holy Ghost to know the Lord’s will.
D&C 124: 89 if he will do my will, let him hearken to counsel.
D&C 133: 60-61 the Lord’s will that commandments go to all flesh.