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ZachariasFather of John the Baptist
ZarahemlaLeader of Mulek’s colony    See also Zarahemla, People of
Zarahemla, City of1Major capital of Nephites from about 200 B.C. to A.D. 200    See also Zarahemla, Land of
Zarahemla, Land ofRegion around city of Zarahemla1, also area from southern wilderness to land Bountiful on north
Zarahemla, People ofDescendants of Mulek’s colony
Zedekiah1Last king of Judah [c. 600 B.C.]    See also BD Zedekiah
Zedekiah2One of twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
ZeezromLawyer in Ammonihah [c. 82 B.C.]
Zeezrom, City ofNephite city on southwest frontier
ZemnarihahCaptain of Gadianton robbers [c. A.D. 21]
ZenephiNephite commander [c. A.D. 400]
ZeniffFirst king of group of Nephites who return to land of Lehi-Nephi [c. 200 B.C.]    See also Lehi-Nephi, Land of
ZenockProphet of Israel
ZenosProphet of Israel
ZerahemnahLamanite commander [c. 74 B.C.]
ZeramNephite military officer [c. 87 B.C.]
ZiffProbably a metal used by Nephites
Zion, Mount   See also Zion
Zoram1Servant of Laban [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Zoramites1
Zoram2Nephite chief captain [c. 81 B.C.]
Zoram3Nephite apostate [c. 74 B.C.]    See also Zoramites2
Zoramites1Descendants of Zoram1
Zoramites2Apostate sect of Nephites, followers of Zoram3