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  9 But remember the ainiquity of king Noah and his bpriests; and I myself was ccaught in a snare, and did many things which were abominable in the sight of the Lord, which caused me sore drepentance;

Prov. 16: 12.
  12 It is an abomination to kings to commit awickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.
Mosiah 11: 2 (1-15)
  2 For behold, he did not keep the commandments of God, but he did walk after the desires of his own heart. And he had many wives and aconcubines. And he did bcause his people to commit sin, and do that which was cabominable in the sight of the Lord. Yea, and they did commit dwhoredoms and eall manner of wickedness.
Mosiah 29: 17 (17-19)
  17 For behold, how much ainiquity doth one bwicked king cause to be committed, yea, and what great destruction!
Mosiah 17: 12 (1, 6, 12-18)
  12 But the apriests lifted up their voices against him, and began to accuse him, saying: He has reviled the king. Therefore the king was stirred up in banger against him, and he delivered him up that he might be slain.
Mosiah 17: 2 (1-4)
  2 But there was one among them whose name was aAlma, he also being a descendant of Nephi. And he was a young man, and he bbelieved the words which Abinadi had spoken, for he knew concerning the iniquity which Abinadi had testified against them; therefore he began to plead with the king that he would not be angry with Abinadi, but suffer that he might depart in peace.
Mosiah 18: 1.
  1 And now, it came to pass that Alma, who had fled from the servants of king Noah, arepented of his sins and iniquities, and went about privately among the people, and began to teach the words of Abinadi—