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This feature places a footnote content marker ( • ) to the right of footnoted words (for example, cprayer ). The footnote content marker indicates that the footnote contains information corresponding to the categories selected in the above boxes (JST, HEB, GR, IE, OR, TG). You may select one or more content categories at a time. This feature allows you to readily see all the footnotes containing, for example, JST references or GR references, without opening the content of each footnote. For information on the content and features of footnotes, see “Explanation Concerning Footnotes.”
Select this option to hide all the footnote links in the scripture text and to hide the a, b, c, ... footnote superscripts. (Note: If you do not want the footnote indicators to appear on your printed page, select this feature before printing or select the Hide footnote indicators option on the Print page.) Clicking a footnoted word in the scripture text presents a page of expanded footnote content. Basic footnote information may be displayed by briefly pausing (but not clicking) the cursor over footnoted words.
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This option allows you to select the default search option (Word Search, Topic Search, or Study Helps Search) that will be activated as the initial search mode when words are entered in the search box.
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