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Marked References Search

This option searches for references you have marked for storing and later displaying on the Marked References page. To mark a reference, click the text of a scripture verse while holding down the Alt key (on some computers, this is called the Alternate or Option key). The marked verse will be displayed in red. To unmark a reference, click the same text again while holding down the Alt key. Try marking several scripture verses and then selecting Marked on the top right of the page.

Using Marked References
You can mark and store up to 75 marked references. Marking is ideally used to temporarily identify passages that you would like to combine with other scriptures to print out as part of a talk or lesson that you are preparing.
You can clear all your marked references by clicking Clear Marked References on the Marked References search results page. The clearing of marked references is permanent; there is no “undo” option after you clear a marked reference. Note: Your marked references are stored in a small file called a “cookie” in your computer’s Internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox). Adjusting your browser settings, deleting temporary Internet files, or performing other system cleanup processes may remove the references you have marked. See the help files for your particular Internet browser for more information.
Two additional related search options can be accessed on the Marked References search results page.

Footnote Search
This option searches for the footnotes associated with a scripture verse or a range of verses. To initiate footnote searching, click Show Footnotes on the bottom of the Marked References search results page.

Cross-Reference Search
This option searches for all cross-references in the footnotes and study helps that point “toward” a given scripture verse or range of verses. In contrast, because of space limitations, the references in the footnotes of the printed editions of the scriptures point only “outward” to a few selected references and Topical Guide entries. It would take days to manually find all the references pointing “toward” even one verse, let alone all the tens of thousands of verses in the scriptures. To initiate cross-reference searching, click Show Cross-References on the bottom of the Marked References search results page.