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Baal   See BD Baal
Babel   See BD Babel
Bad   See also Worse
Bade   See Bid
Balaam   See BD Balaam
Barak   See BD Barak
Baruch   See BD Baruch
Base   See also Abominable; Vile; Wickedness
Bashan   See BD Bashan
Beast   See also Symbolism
Beginning   See also Creation; First
Behold, Beheld   See also Look; Observe; See
Belial   See BD Belial
Benefit   See also Blessing; Gift
Bereave   See also Death; Mourning; Sorrow
Bethel   See BD Bethel
Betroth   See also Espouse; Marriage
Better   See also Good; Well
Bilhah   See BD Bilhah
Bird   See also Fowl
Blame   See also Accuse
Blameless   See also Guiltless
Blemish   See also Spot
Bless [verb]   See also Blessed; Praise
Blessed [adj.]   See also Bless; Glad; Happy; Joy
Bold   See also Courage
Borrow, Borrowing   See also Debt
Bought   See Buy
Bow [noun]   See also Rainbow
Brake   See Break
Bread of Life   See also Sacrament
Brethren   See also Brother
Brier   See also Thorn
Brightness   See also Light
Bring, Brought   See also Gather
Broken   See Break
Brother   See also Brethren
Brought   See Bring
Bruise   See also Hurt; Wound
Buckler   See also Shield
Build, Built   See also Edify
Burial   See also Bury
Byword   See also Parable; Proverb